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Assam is a state of breath taking scenic beauty, rarest flora and fauna, lofty green hills, vast rolling plain, mighty waterways and a land of fairs and festivals.

The ancient name of Assam was Pragjyotishpur. However, during the time of the Ahom conquest, Pragjyotishpur was known as Kamrup. In ancient Sanskrit literature, both the names Pragjyotishpur and Kamrup were used as a designation for ancient Assam. In 1228, the Ahoms, Shan tribe from North Thailand entered and defeated the Kamrup ruler and established a kingdom, which came to be known as Assam with its capital at Sivasagar (Sibsagar). Most probably, the modern name Assam comes from Ahoms, the dynasty that ruled from the 13th to early 19th Century. The ancient name Kamrup, is today confined to only a district of Assam.

The population of Assam as per the 2001 Census (Provisional) is 26638407. Summer months are from April to October and the winter months are from November to March.


Assam Situated between 90-960 E. Longitude and 24-280 N. Latitude. Assam is bordered in the North by Bhutan and in the east East by Arunachal Pradesh. Along the south lies Nagaland, Manipur, and to the extreme south lies Mizoram. Meghalaya lies to her Southwest, Bengal and Bangladesh to her West.

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