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Rang Ghar. Photo by Akash Gogoi

Another of the most beautiful texture built during the Ahom reign is the Rang Ghar.

Built by two of the most powerful Ahom Swargadeos, Rudra Singha and Pramatta Singha, this beautiful creation situated in the heart of the city Sibsagar, Sivasagar district.

It was first constructed by Swargadeo Rudra Singha in 1696. And it took almost 18 years to be completed.

The first inauguration of this house done in 1714 during Bhogali Bihu days. However, this construction of Rudra Singha could not be permanent for a long time.

Because of the use of wood and Bamboo to built this house, soon it started relapsing. Around the year 1740, it completely destroyed.

Hence, Rudra Singha’s son and the new Swargadeo Pramatta Singha had to build it again in the 1744 century.

This time, his design was of a very high standard. Previously, where his father used wood and bamboo, now there the son used stone and brick.

The house took him 7 years' time and it completed in 1751.  The Rang Ghar that we get to see today is the construction built on Pramatta Singha days.


Rang Ghar As The First Pavilion of Asia

Rang Ghar is the first sports pavilion in the continent of Asia. The Ahom Swargadeos built it as a place of having fun.

Especially, during Bhogali and Rongali Bihu days, they came here to enjoy various games and dance programs.

Main programs were such as Bihu dance, Human wrestling, Buffalo fight, egg combating, capturing Konua birds, Bulbul fights, etc.

Every year, keeping these memories of Assam’s history, locals here organize most of these rituals. Like in Bhogali Bihu people here organizes a program ‘Rangpur mela’, in Rongali Bihu ‘Bohagi Bedai’, etc.


The Old Name of Sibsagar ‘Rangpur’

The name of the main city of Sivasagar district is 'Sibsagar'. But during the Ahom era, people did not call it ‘Sibsagar’.

But they called it Rangpur. Rangpur was a place of making so much fun and enjoyment.

But most importantly the city got its name ‘Rangpur’ from the house of Rang Ghar.

Because of centering Rang Ghar, more enjoyable activities done here, that is why the city where it was located named ‘Rangpur’.


Other Sites Near Rang Ghar

Rang Ghar is just an example of the masterpieces created in the Sivasagar area during Ahom reign.

Apart from this, many other historical sites located near it are also very beautiful and attractive.

They are such as Sivadol, Vishnudol, Devidol, Talatal Ghar, Kareng Ghar, Sibsagar Borpukhuri, Joydol, Joysagar Pukhuri, Borhill, etc.