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Bihu in Thailand Rongali Bihu was celebrated in Thailand, the original home of Ahoms. It was celebrated on the 5th of April with much funfare at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. All the Assamese people in Thailand attended the function in the residence of Prof. Himangsu Paul. The function was organized early because of Songkran festival in Thailand on 13th & 14th April. A total of 20 persons attended the function.

Ganesh Bora
AIT, Bangkok

Bihu in Dubai To add to the news of preparations of Rogali Bihu celebrations from all over the world, would like to inform you all that the Assamese Community is also planning to celebrate the same in the fourth week of April. We are expecting a gathering of 80 to 100 people.

This is also for the attention of those netters from the Gulf - in case you are interested to join the celebrations (and also be part of the Dubai Shopping Festival), do let us know.

Contact: D.K. BORAH (
Tel  :  4- 276427 Ext. 142
Fax :  4- 276631

Bihu in Taiwan The only two Assamese in Taiwan from Assam will be celebrating Bihu during the weekend April 12, 1997.

Contact: Anjan K. Nath (

Bihu in London, UK We are organising Bihu in Nansen Village at North Finchley area in London The preparation of Pitha, laru etc will continue from 2 Pm on 12th April. At 5 pm the cultural programme will start with atleast 20 families of london It will continue upto 11 pm night.

We have Bihu dance, Bihu songs and other competitions.

That will be followed by a great feast organised by Mrs.J Baurah and contributed by others.

With regards,



Bihu in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rongali Bihu '97 was celebrated in Toronto on April 19, 1997. About 70 people attended the gathering. Niranjan Brahma opened the festivities by welcoming all to the Bihu '97 celebration. Anima Goswami, President of the Assam Sangha, then introduced the guests and spoke about the Sangha's events over the past year. Ronji Boruah welcomed the invited guests and newcomers to Toronto's Assamese community.

The gathering was entertained by Chandana Das with some Assamese songs and several classical numbers, Bharati Chowdhury with Bengali songs, and Rashmimala Mediratta with Hindi songs. Chandana Das, Mridul and Chandana Barua, and Monica Barua then proceeded to entertain the audience with several popular Assamese songs. Last, but not the least, came young Rekha, daughter of Nrityen and Arunduti Barua, who played Bihu songs on a digital horn for the intrigued audience.

To everyone's delight, Neelima Sengupta, who was the heroine in the Assamese movie Dr. Bezbaruah, made a surprise appearance. Later, Dr. Nayanananda Barthakur spoke about the beauty of Assam and explained the significance of Bihu in Assamese society. This inspired everybody into an extended and spirited Bihu dance, led by Dr. Barthakur.

Dinner was a huge success. Many traditional Assamese dishes were served. Many thanks to those who prepared them and helped in serving.

A big thank you to those who helped to make this Bihu a grand success. We look forward to next year's Bihu.

Anima Goswami and Tushar Kranti Das.

For more information and pictures, please look at Nirjan Brahma's Bihu page

Bihu in the US Bihu in New Jersey, USA On behalf of the Assamese community of the NY/NJ/PA area and Assam Society Of America we invite you to the Rongali Bihu Celebrations for this area to be held in Oldwick, NJ on Saturday April 12, 1997 from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Directions to the BihuToli (The Rockaway Reformed Church, Phone #: (908) 534-4351) are included below. If you need any further information, please do not hestitate to contact me either at this email address ( (or at (609) 799-9359), or Vijeet Sarma at (908) 439-9260. We really hope you can join us.

Probal Tahbildar

  1. From I-78, take Exit 24.

    If you are travelling West on I-78, make a LEFT turn at the exit traffic light onto Rt. 523 South. Go under the I-78 overpass, cross one traffic light and continue until the next traffc light (Rt.22 junction).

    If you are on I-78 Eastbound, make a RIGHT turn at the exit traffic light onto Rt. 523 South and proceed to the next traffic light (Rt. 22 junction).

  2. Make LEFT turn onto Rt 22 East.
  3. Make RIGHT turn at the very next traffic light onto Rt. 523 South.
  4. The Church will be on your right within one block. (The Rockaway Reformed Church, Phone #: (908) 534-4351)

Bihu in Colorado, USA We will have a small Bihu gathering of the Assamese residents and friends in Colorado Springs on the 19th of April. It will be in the residence of Jugal Kalita. Everyone is cordially welcome to attend.


Bihu in Missouri, USA The Bihu in St. Louis was a simple affair. There were a couple of families apart from me on the 5th of April at Chandan Mahanta's place.

Anurag Barua (

Bihu in Nebraska, USA Dear Raiz:

At first let me wish you best of luck for the new year. I wish this year will be the happiest year in your life.

We have celebrated Rongali Bihu in big way here at Omaha, NE on 12th April, 1997. It was hosted by Samar Gogoi and Archana Gogoi. Several Indian (non-Assamese) people were invited for the Bihu festival. This was an attempt to make Bihu popular among other Indian communities. The food was great. The main highlights were duck meat curry prepared by Samar Gogoi and cocanut pitha by Silpi Baishya. Besides these items there were several Assamese dishes prepared for the occasion. Khar was one of them. Everybody enjoyed Assamese cooking. Many have taken recipes of khar and pitha. Food was followed by Bihu songs. People seems to like Bihu songs. The kids really enjoyed the occasion. Overall, it was great success. Thanks goes to Samar, Archana and Silpi for cooking those delicious foods. Thanks also goes to Mona, Shikha and Maya for cooperating with their parents.

Mantu Baishya

Bihu in Oklahoma, USA Bihu was celebrated at Ardmore, Oklahoma on the 29th of March. The fun and frolic by Lake Murray in the morning was followed by serious stuff in the evening. There was a session on Assamese literature. Then came the performances. Dil Deka of Houston enthralled the audience with her scintillating Bihu and Xshatriya dances. 5 year old Jayshree Das of St. Louis (daughter of Pradip and Krishna Das) presented an endearing Bihu dance. The grand finale was the dinner. Rupa Sharma (of Oklahoma) left an indelible mark on our taste buds with her 'masor jhol'. Bihu's joi de vivre was very conspicuous. I'm sure it extends to all the other Bihutolis here and in England. I thank Madan and Juri Bhattacharyya; Bijon and Rupa Sharma for so effectively organizing this celebration.


Bihu in Wisconsin, USA Hi everybody,

If you are planning to attend the Bihu celebration in Milwaukee, pls let me know by email or (better yet!) by sending the cheque to the following address. We need to have an estimate for the dinner. Those who already RSVP'ed pls ignore this message.


Akhil Choudhury

P.S. Milwaukee Headache clinic has sponsored Mr Abhranil Barua of Sunnyvale,CA for the cultural program.

When: 26th April, 1997 (Saturday)
Where : Greater Milwaukee (Wisconsin)
Location: Wauwatosa Civic Center/ Library
  7725 W. North Avenue,
  Wauwatosa. (See directions)
Program :  
2:00 p.m. Arrival of guests,
3:00 p.m. Cultural program (till 11.00 p.m.)
5.00 p.m. Tea break
8:00 p.m. Dinner


To cover all the expenses, including dinner, we are requesting everyone to contribute as follows: $ 20.00 per individual; $ 45.00 per family. Advance payments would be greatly appreciated.

Hotel information:

Milwaukee area has a wide variety of hotels/motels. Please refer to your AAA guide or contact the Milwaukee area Chamber of Commerce (Phone: 414 287-4100) for a complete listing. A few suggestions are listed below (Please call the hotels directly for reservation) :

Holiday Inn Express, 11111 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa.
Tel: 1-800-465-4329; (414)-778-0333.
Room rates from $69.00 onwards. AAA approved.

Sheraton Inn, 2303 N. Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa.
Tel: 1-800-325-3535; (414)-257-3400.
Room rates from $69.00 onwards. AAA approved.

Sleepy Hollow Motel, 12600 W. Bluemound Rd., Elm Grove.
Tel:1-800-341-8000; (414)-782-8333.
Room rates from $ 38.95 onwards. AAA approved.

Lets have a great time in the true spirit of Rongali Bihu :-)))) !!

RSVP Akhil Choudhury ( or Atanu Deb Baruah (


Coming from South (Chicago side):

Take I-94 west (to Milwaukee) ---> take 894 west (to Madison) ---> take 45 north (to Fond Lu Lac) ---> Exit North Ave East (42A) ----> go east on North Avenue (right turn) ----> decreasing street number (100th, 90th, 85th etc.) ---> Wauwatosa Civic center located on the right side of the junction of North Ave and Wauwatosa Ave (76th. St). Parking is available to the rear.

Coming from North (Madison/ Minnesota):

Take I-94 east (to Milwaukee) ----> take 45 north (to Fond Lu Lac) ---> Exit North Ave East (42A) ----> go east on North Avenue (right turn)---> decreasing street number (100th, 90th, 85th etc.) ---> Wauwatosa Civic center located on the right side of the junction of North Avenue and Wauwatosa Ave (also known as 76th. St). Parking is available to the rear.

Please make cheques payable and mail to :

Arnav Mahant
7716 Fifth Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53143-6007.
Tel : (414)-654-7503.

If there's any question regarding the cultural program, please contact :

Dr. Gita Baruah
19175 Still Point Trail
Brookfield, WI 53045
Tel : (414)-782-7710.
Fax : (414)-782-6979.
Email :

Bihu in Detroit, USA
               Koliya senai mur       Aaase bidexote                        Ghotise  Bonizor Dhon  

Evening of 12th April in the USA. In the villages of Assam it's the morning of "Garu Bihu". As our folks at home are bathing their cattle in the pukhuris, throwing "Lau", "Bengena" at them and singing with joy "Lau khaa, Bengena Khaa, Bosore Bosore Barhi Jaa...." here in an appartment clubhouse in a suburb of Detroit the assamese people from Michigan and Ohio are singing and dancing, with the same joyous feeling, whatever Bihu they know.

My Kokadeuta had a different version of that "Lau khaa, Bengena khaa ..." song. After "Bosore bosore barhi jaa ..." he used to sing "Maar Goru, Baaper Goru Toi hobi Bor Goru !" and threw pieces of lau, bengena at us.

Bihu in this part of the World was real fun, although it was a one-evenning affair. It will linger in the minds of everybody for a long time. Around 80-85 people attended. There were a few Non-Assamese, Non-Indian friends too. Swapnali and Parikshit Roy drove down from Kansas city and Swapnali (Lonee) entertained the crowd in her sweet voice. Also there was Husori with dhul, taal, baanhi (we missed the mohor xingor pepa, toka and gogona!) The live Bihu songs sang by our local "bihua-dekas" were more in demand than the songs in the cassetes. The "Nasonis" (almost one and all present there) liked to dance to the tune of these live Bihu songs. The recorded songs seemed to be too slow for them.

The food was great. Thanks to the efforts of all the Baideus in this area. The "Laru pithar" platter at the end was the real treat. I freaked out with the "Narikolor Ladus".

To sum it up, it was a Great evening. It was pure, unadulterated Fun. One non-Assamese friend from Toronto declared publicly, "I wish I was an Assamese!"

Krishanu (

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