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The protalk ULFA met the Chief Minister of Assam and submitted the Charter of Demands to the Prime Minister through him. These was revealed in a press meet attended by protalk ULFA leaders Mrinal Hazarika, Prabal Neog and Jiten Dutta in Guwahati. The Charter of demands contains 18 demands which is highlighted by the protalk ULFA.

Charter of Demands


1. Full autonomy within the framework of Indian constitution.

2. a) In Assam Legislative Assembly, 70% of seats to be kept reserved for the indigenous people.

b) To create an Upper House comprising of indigenous and ethnic people.

3. Sealing of Indo-Bangla border to check illegal infiltration

4. To detect and deport foreign nationals taking 25.03.1971 to be the cut off year as per memorandum of understanding between AASU and government of India.

5. To detect foreign nationals by preparing a revised national register of citizens of 1951.

6. Detected foreign nationals to be kept in a special/specific area and to deport them phase wise.

7. To introduce dual citizenship.

8. To introduce the system of inter-state permit.

9. To form a border commission to find solutions of border disputes of north-eastern states.

10.To adopt a scientific approach to the flood related problems and to recognize floods of Assam to be a national calamity.

11. Immediate steps should be taken to stop hydro-electric projects which will cause immense damage to the state of Assam.

12. To open and develop Stillwell Road to connect Assam with south-east Asia immediately.

13. To have dialogue with all the insurgent groups of north-east to restore permanent peace in the region.

14. To declare river Brahmaputra to be a national waterway.

15. Necessary steps should be taken by the government of India to declare Majuli as a world heritage site.

16. A special task force constituted by recruiting the indigenous people of north-east and to deploy them in the indo-Bangla border to check infiltration and safeguard the border.

17. To construct a seventh bridge across Brahmaputra to connect Nimatighat and Majuli.

18. Immediate release of the four central committee leaders of ULFA from jail.