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Naga bodies for open debate on Prohibition Act

After the Naga Students’ Federation’s proposal for an open debate on prohibition of liqueur in the state, various organisations have favoured for a broad-based debate, involving all sections of society and government departments. The Naga Mothers’ Association (nma) has extended its support for such a debate as the state government had "miserably failed to implement the Prohibition Act promulgated in the state in 1989 and the flow of liquor and consumption went on unabated".

The initiative for the ban on liquor in Nagaland was taken by the the women’s organisation along with church bodies and the people. The nma said here that 95 per cent of illegal selling of alcohol were run by the women in Nagaland and also blamed the church bodies for failing to motivate the people towards prohibition of liqueur.

State Excise Minister Kipili Sangtam had recently in the floor of the House declared that the issue of prohibition was not watertight and called for an open debate on it. The Finance Department also revealed that after the propitiation act was promulgated, the State was losing revenue to the tune of Rs 10 crore per annum.

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