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We're very happy to say that we the has just published it for all the fellow of Assamese people and also for all the users of who like Assamese to read or write and for those people who really want to make live Assamese Language in the Internet. We've noticed that Assamese Language has ignored from the Internet and also ignored by all the Search Engines. Our main motto of this invention is only to make live our language Assamese in the Internet and let the world see that still millions of people like Assamese language to read and write. is a general discussion forum with more than 13 categories. Anyone can post any topic staying in the line of our Terms & Conditions and can be publish without our verification. We've designed the visual keyboard with two language Assamese and English. Anyone can post any topic, question and anything with those two language but we prefer that the basic or main topic language should be Assamese. By this online Assamese discussion forum, we can find the actually volume of those fellow Assamese who really like own language and who really want to make like our own language Assamese in this world Internet.