Farewell to a beautiful soul: my cousin Krishna

Submitted by admin on Sat, 08/18/2007 - 04:28

It was more than three years ago when we first heard the news of my cousin Krishna being diagnosed with leukemia. At first, we could not believe our ears. I was thinking: how could it happen to her. It took us sometime to accept the harsh truth. Later on, whenever we spoke to her over the phone, she was always calm and would speak to us with her usual soft voice and the familiar giggles as if nothing had happened. When my family visited her in January this year, I was awestruck by her determination and mental strength to live. She welcomed us with her smile and we had the slightest clue what she was going through. She did not let us know about her sufferings.

Her grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. My father liked her very much for her amiable nature and her eagerness to help others. Krishna was younger to me by few months and we were close friends. She was very sweet in her nature and I am sure people whoever had come in contact with her, noticed that. She had a very happy family: a good husband and two talented beautiful kids. She gave her all to raise her kids, being a loving mother. But God did not allow her to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Krishna gave us a lot. But we could not give her anything in return. God, please give us the strength to endure the big void. Her beautiful smile and soothing voice will forever remain in my heart.

- Pankaj Saharia