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You are aware that development of Creativity requires a systematic approach and mentoring of professional. All of us want to be creative in nature by instinct but generally look for some kind of short cuts to achieve it. Your support and participation will help them to counsel the student community and encourage them to take the path of development through the systematic practice of the same and encourage the parents to support their child for bringing out the in born geniuses among each child.

It is entirely possible that one or two, or even a handful of people at any given society is fostering creativity. But this is not enough to foster disciplined creativity across the different sections of the society.

The ideal place to foster creativity is an exciting place where learning is a process of making sense of important truths that one can use in life; educational institutions as a place where one learns to read closely and write substantively; educational institutions as a place where one learns to think historically, sociologically, scientifically, mathematically; educational institutions as a place where one learns to ask important questions and pursue important answers; educational institutions as a place where one learns how to gather useful information and where one begins to learn the art of problem-solving; educational institutions as a place where students have success in learning because they are learning how to learn, how to make sense of things, how to communicate and solve problems effectively; educational institutions as a community of learners and thinkers; educational institutions as a place where kindness, thoughtfulness, and helpfulness are modeled every day, where there is no space for fostering any negative ideas and thoughts.

We need to consider how we can foster a climate throughout the educational institution focused on the development of creative abilities. We cannot force teachers to place creativity at the center of their teaching. But we can create an atmosphere that places creativity at the focal point of the educational institution’s philosophy, mission and goals. We can provide support for teachers to learn the foundations of creativity, so that they can begin to integrate it into their teaching. We can tie assessment of teachers and the educational institutions as a whole to the fostering of creativity and provide incentives for teachers to do this. These are necessary conditions if creativity is to play a primary role in learning across the educational institutions.

One of the pitfalls in creativity is in focused on thinking is the tendency to pick and choose from multiple theories of thinking, some of which may lack rigor or breadth. Stick to a robust concept of creativity.

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