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First assamese to start a music school in Bangalore

Eastern Fare Music Foundation had its inception in the year 2007. It is a Bangalore based Music Production House. In today’s date there are half a dozen institutes for Music Education of this Foundation all over the city of Bangalore with over 500 (five hundred) students and a Recording Studio. It started with the perseverant efforts of Jim Ankan Deka, an expertise in the field, noted for his contribution to Assamese, Hindi and Kannada music industry . Mr Deka has been involved with music for more than two decades now.

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Assamese Writer Wins British Scholarship

Aruni Kashyap, who shot into fame in the Assamese literary scene with his essay “The Identity Crisis of Assamese Youth” (Asomiya Juva Prajanmar Identity Crisis), published in Satsori journal, has won the prestigious Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship to participate in a creative writing course at the University of Edinburgh.

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