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Rescind Assembly decision on Asom

For the purpose of changing the name of the state, they also advised the Chief Minister to set up an advisory commission with eminent citizens, academicians, historians, linguists, literary figures and the like and the members of the Assamese Diaspora, to have a transparent debate on the issue with public participation.

In their petition to the Chief Minister, these persons identified themselves as ‘friends and well wishers of Assam living in and outside the State and country. They have also forwarded the copies of the petition to the President and Prime Minister of the country.

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Jatin Mipun passes away

The 54-year-old IPS officer, known for his contribution to Asomiya, Mising and English literatures, went to Goa with his wife and two sons on January 10. On Saturday night, he suffered from a stroke and was rushed to a hospital where he breathed his last at 2 a.m.

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Litterateurs oppose move to change name

Meanwhile, four former presidents of the Asam Sahitya Sabha Homen Borgohain, Dr Nagen Saikia, Dr Birendranath Dutt and Dr Lakshminandan Bora, have opposed the change of the State’s name to Asom. Noted litterateur Dr Mamoni Roisom Goswami has also opposed the move as an entirely unwarranted and undemocratic move on the part of the State Legislature.

Several organizations also have opposed the move and they have already held a convention and formed a committee to carry forward the fight against the move.

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Mamoni Raisom in race for - Crossword Award

Goswami’s The Man from Chinnamasta, translated into English by Prashant Goswami from her Assamese work Chinnamastar Manuhto, along with In a Forest, a Deer by CS Lakshmi and M Mukundan’s Kesavan’ s Lamentations are the three novels shortlisted in the Indian Language Fiction Translation category. The awards will be given away on February 21 in Mumbai.

Talking to PTI over phone from Guwahati, Indira said the shortlisting is a big boost for Assamese translators.

“There was this notion that Assamese translators cannot make it to the big league but Prashant’s effort negates that,” she said.

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Magh Bihu celebrations in Delhi

A grand bihutoli was set up with elaborate tents at the Central Civil Services Sports Control Board playfields. This was the second straight year where the weather god did not play truant and the bright Sun providing succour to the cold bitten souls. More and more people are joining the festivities and ORKUT communities like Assamese in Delhi, Assam our Paradise etc. flashing news chains that drew hundreds into the field. The attendance was in excess of 1000 and the items of 'bhoj' (feast) exhausted by late afternoon.

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