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We need your help - to save the name of Assam

Dear Friends and Wellwishers of Assam:


On 15th December 2006, the State Assembly of Assam adopted a resolution by voice vote to write the name of the State of Assam as \\'Asom’. No argument or reasoning was given for the name change, nor any debate was allowed in spite of requests from the opposition. We are starting a general campaign to oppose the government of Assam\\'s resolution to change the name of the state from Assam to Asom.

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Nilakshi Barah Odissi Dance in Melbourne

Durga, the emblem of female power or Shakti appeared to us on September 30th and October 1st this year and it was celebrated by the Bengali Association of Victoria Inc. (BAV – in Wellington Secondary Collage, 91 Police Road, Mulgrave, Vic 3170. As a part of the Durga Puja celebrations, it was given a grand closure with the celebration of Bijoya Sammelani on 8th October 2006 afternoon at Mulgrave Community Centre.

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